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GIFT CARDS ~ ~ VOUCHERS – a gift for everyone!

Get one of our training vouchers and give a perfect present.

We recommend purchasing a practical gift!

  • Voucher- a gift card you can use for trainings and trips organized by MotoKenner, accessories and motorbike parts available at DSWMoto and a service: a motorcycle service
  • Voucher can be bought at any sum of money, it depends how much you want to spend
  • Vouchers for trainings are valid till the beginning of October of a given calendar year
  • Vouchers for parts, accessories and the shop’s stock, as well as the motorbike service are valid till the end of the year they were issued
  • Vouchers can be used for the purchased training or transferred to any other training offered by MotoKenner

In order to purchase a voucher, please write to:

In the message please include the following:

  • Name and surname or a nick name of the gift recipient
  • The sum of your order or the name of the chosen training
  • In case of mixed training programs, the scope of the training offer available will be described for you
  • In addition, you can state the occasion or reason for the gift, or include a desired content (e.g. wishes, aphorism, etc.)

Our vouchers are a gift, a present from you, an expression of your engagement in the recipient’s motorcycle adventure. We put our utmost care to make sure that both the training and the graphic form of the chosen voucher makes the recipient happy. That is why we send a template, an example of a graphic design for you to accept. Our vouchers can be freely edited, you can put there any content, wishes, inscriptions, etc. that you like.

After agreeing on a graphic design, please transfer the money to the bank account number: 79 1020 4900 0000 8102 3634 3951 In the title please write the voucher’s number and who it is for.

After the money is posted by the bank, the prepared voucher becomes active and it is you who decides how you want to receive it. The available options are:

  • Sending it as a *.pdf file- it’s enough to print the final version of the file, the one you have accepted
  • Self-pickup- a special gift packet (a company file, the voucher printed on a gift paper, a set of company leaflets and stickers, branded gadgets)- 30 PLN extra payment
  • Courier delivery- we send a special gift packet to a chosen address (a company file, the voucher printed on a gift paper, a set of company leaflets and stickers, branded gadgets) – 19 PLN extra payment (30+19=49 PLN)

In order to get more details you can also contact us on:

+48 501 412 076

Example templates can be found here:

The most popular vouchers, most ordered trainings:

*** any amount *** voucher for any chosen training
200, 300, 500, 1000 PLN - payment towards a riding course in the amount stated on the voucher
300, 450, 600, 900, 1200 PLN - any of the trainings on a rented motorbike. On the voucher we state the sum of money or the number of hours on our motorcycle
2300 instead of 2800 - riding course – preparing for the A category exam
Training for moto-scooters and motorcycles up to 125cm 3
300 PLN - three hours, individual training
800 PLN - six hour individual training packet on a rented motorbike
Urban Warrior –a program broadening knowledge and developing skills in technics and street strategies used in a city
200 PLN or 400 PLN - two or four hours, individual training
„Knee dragging” – riding around bends technics – counter steering, leaning a motorcycle into a curve (cornering), Learning to drag a knee – not only sport technics.
450 PLN - three-hour individual training packet (counter steering and leaning)
Fast and Infallible – individual or group training in road or sport technics; done on a race track:
400 PLN - four hours, group training, Wrocław's track. Level 1 or 2
600 PLN - individual training, four hours, Wrocław's track. Level estimated individually
500 PLN - whole day group road training. Zielona Góra Race Center
800 PLN - two-day (weekend)group road training. Zielona Góra Race Center
1020 PLN Optimal Packet  - two-day group training at Zielona Góra Race Center + two dinners + one night accommodation
1190 PLN + track entry ticket - individual classes (with intercom) for 1 or 2 people. A sport or road training. Any date. A necessary extra fee for entering the premises of Zielona Góra Race Center
1330 PLN Exclusive Packet - two-day group training at Zielona Góra Race Center + two dinners + two night accommodation + transport
Safe Traveller – a training of safe and agile riding in the mountains, fast bends (doglegs) on open roads,riding at motorway speed
300 PLN - three hours, individual training
690 PLN - a whole day individual (about 9 h) or weekend group training trip (accommodation fee not included)
850 PLN - weekend group training trip with accommodation and breakfast. The Czech Republic or Poland for 125 cm3
Wrocław Manouvers– Thursdays' cyclic three-hour classes
200 PLN - three hours, group training


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